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What is coworking & why people are looking for coworking space?

Real Meaning of coworking for Freelancers, companies, entrepreneurs and employees

What is Coworking? These three words “what is coworking” can’t be explained in just a sentence. The concept of co-working emerged in 2005 from San Fransisco and is now gaining worldwide attention. So, what is a co-working and why it can’t be explained very easily? Let’s take a look at the definition of co-working and try to know its sense for different people from various segments.

What is Coworking?

The two words “Co” and “Work” creates a new word together i.e., co-working. So here we have to find out what the dictionary says about these two words.

Co = Together witwhat-is-coworkingh others.

Work = Means of earning one’s living, a task.

The combination of these two words creates the word “Coworking”, which means – “means of earning with others”.

Mr. Ajay Deep (Founder of coworking mag) has defined the coworking as:

“Coworking is referred to working together under one roof while using the same resources but for different companies”.

“Coworking is a style of work where people share a common office for their independent activity.”

Millions of people are working as freelancers around the globe. Simply we can say that it is an alternative to working from home without and distractions. The concept of coworking space has increased the productivity of millions of people.

Now, after knowing the meaning and definition of co-working we can understand the concept of coworking in a broader way. The concept of coworking varies from person to person. For the deeper understanding of the co-working, we took 5 different forms of people that belong to coworking space as instances.

You’ll get a decent answer to why co-working has been so popular by reading through each of these five.

Coworking space for Freelancers

shared space

A person who works remotely based on his skills and perform tasks for different companies but he is not a permanent employee is called a freelancer. Co-working spaces suit freelancers well. In this way, co working spaces are the best alternative for freelancers who work from home. These workspaces give them a great chance to explore more opportunities. Workspaces also help them to increase their productivity and provides them with a feeling of owning their own office where they can work whenever they want in a limited budget by sharing the space with other coworkers/ freelancers.

Co working space for Employees of a Company

An employee who works in a traditional office environment will definitely prefer to work in a swanky workspace that organizes events and provide recreational facilities. Again, this is why co working spaces are popular. It has been observed in several studies that people working in co working space are more productive and happier at work compared to traditional office spaces. Almost all co working spaces tend to build a community of like-minded people. Those who are introverts and don’t want to interact with other people can get a good desk in shared space by asking the management.

Co working space for Solo Entrepreneurs

solo entrepreneur

We all know that a person who runs a business is an entrepreneur. One who starts his/her business without the help of any team is a solo entrepreneur. Solo entrepreneurs also work on their own projects, unlike freelancers, or are involved in building a product. Not only do they need an office room to sit and work, but also to have an office address and to meet with their existing and potential clients. 

Co working spaces provide fully serviced and furnished offices with all the required amenities. Co working spaces are the alternative to a typical office with unnecessary expenses which is best for these solo entrepreneurs. One of the greatest benefits to these professionals is that they can hire people without any tension.

Co working space for Entrepreneurs

Co working spaces are also best for entrepreneurs with small team size. The reason is, co working spaces offer private offices with beautiful infrastructure and design at the best price.  Just imagine that you take a traditional office on rent in a business centre, how much additional cost you would have to bear to manage that office. The best part is that all you need to focus on your work in a co working space. Their management will take care of the infrastructure, office supplies and other problems of your office.

Co working space for Corporate Companies

office for team

Many corporate companies are switching to coworking space these days. In American, European and Asian co working spaces, this trend is very common. Coworking spaces made it very easy for the big corporates to establish and expand their branches and offices in other cities, states and countries without the hassle of looking for real estate property. Corporates can expand their business and launch new ideas easily without setting up huge offices in new territories. Having an office in a coworking space in new territory helps in launching new ideas and projects easily.


Oh, we forgot to mention that almost all co working spaces provide shared café or kitchen for unlimited coffee, tea, snacks and drinks. What else you want?

We hope that now you have a clearer grasp of what coworking is and why coworking spaces have been so popular in recent years.

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