While thinking of a coworking space, Most likely you are not considering the office space in a co working space. One of the greatest benefits of having a private office at workify is the privacy that comes along with it. If your business needs privacy and you don’t want someone to be able to overhear what you are discussing with your team/ clients or over a phone call. Our private offices connected with the coworking area is the solution for you. Our office space makes it easy for you to focus and concentrate on your work without getting distracted from others.


When your team size grows, Members can easily switch their co working space membership plan to private offices. Other than your Dedicated seat/ workstation in a shared area, you have, Lunch Den to have food with coworkers and guests, a Calling Pod for phone calls (please use this pod only for calls and one-on-one discussions and not for work) and quick one-on-ones,  and a (makeshift), a Prayer Area where two to 3 persons at a time can offer prayers and a smoking room for those who smoke, We have a dedicated smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in the premises except a dedicated smoking room. You can order anything you want from outside and our office staff will receive it for you and serve it in the lunch den when you want it.

Each member gets a fixed number of hours for the Conference Room reservation based on his membership plan. You can book the conference room for business meetings and see your guests. Lunch Den can also be used to receive guests. Private Office members can also take their guests to their offices.

Last but not the least, We have a basement parking at owner’s risk. To make sure that your vehicles remain safe our guards are on duty and help you to park your vehicles without any difficulty.

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