Do you want to host a business Event, Workshop or training session and looking for a event space? Check out 6 reasons why it is worth organizing an event at workify.


Location is the key when choosing your event space, which is why Workify is best for your next event. Our event space (Coworking space) is located at one the very famous roads of Lahore, near Emporium Mall. This is definitely a significant factor for many people who want to attend the event.

Full Facilities

First of all, You have to arrange an adequate amount of gastronomical and technological facilities. whiteboards, projectors and chairs are not just enough for a successful event, Tea and coffee though, are essential as well. At workify everything is at your and the participants’ disposal. There’s one more plus here. You say farewell to everyone after the event is over and leave as well. You don’t have cleaning to care about.

Organizational Support

You must know the importance of other people assistance if you have organized the events in the past. you don’t have to worry about anything and just focus on your event while planning your event at workify, Our staff will take care of the guests invited to the event.

Free Promotion

Workify has its own social media and followers. People can find the information on the current and upcoming events at workify. Bingo! You will be enjoying free promotion by organizing your event at workify. This works both ways, of course. Because your event becomes a showcase for workify. Mutual benefit? We are here for it!

Emotional recommendations

You must be sure that our members will tell you about your event to their friends. Our members associate positive feelings with workify, so they talk about what’s interesting at work. In this way, More people especially those who are potentially interested in your event will get the information about your event.

New customers

There are a number of developers, start-ups, freelancers and managers working on foreign ventures at workify. Do you want to offer your services to them? Organizing your event at workify will be the best step to starting a conversation. This will assist you in building a contact database and attracting new clients.

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