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Choosing a Coworking Space? Consider these 6 factors

Co-working spaces are certainly the way of the future. By the year 2022, Expected number of co-working spaces will be doubled to 49500. Productivity is one of the biggest benefits of having an office in co-working space but, it’s too late to leave a coworking space after signing up if you have chosen a wrong workspace for your business.

Choosing a co-working space for yourself, your business or employee is a difficult decision to make.  We have written down 6 factors you must consider before you make a decision.


location workifyIf you are looking for a co-working space for your team, Location is the key factor. The locality of a co-working space must be easily accessible for all the members of your team, not just your own house. Make sure it is well connected with public transport. If your business is client-facing, choose your workspace near your clients. If it is not possible due to a number of clients, then go for a central location of the city. This may increase your costs. So, you have to consider all the pros and cons to make a perfect decision.

Working / Office Setup

In many cases, the environment of shared spaces in a coworking space is quite chatty and messy. First, you have to decide what option or package you want for your team. Co-working spaces usually offer 3 types of memberships/ options: Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk and private offices. Your business needs will help you in deciding the package/ plan.

The Hot Desk membership is based on a concept of first come first serve basis. This membership types suit best for individuals, but it would be very frustrating for a team that requires fixed spots daily.

workify office setupThe Dedicated desk membership allows you to have a fixed workstation in a shared space with the locker’s facility. Then, the most expensive option is the private office that provides a separate area for teams.

People usually overlook one of the important factors of coworking space. i.e., ergonomics of the space. Productivity level decreases when workstations and chairs are not comfortable, adjustable and where leg space is not enough. Also carefully judge the lighting effect of the workspace. Make sure that natural and artificial lights are enough, placed properly and not interfering with the work.

Amenities and Facilities

If you work for long hours, then the perks, amenities and facilities must be sufficient.

You should look for the below mentioned basic amenities and facilities:

  • Free water, coffee, and tea
  • Strength of the Wi-Fi
  • Office stationery and supplies
  • Parking
  • Services offered by office boys
  • IT assistance
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Room/ space for private callings
  • Printing and scanning equipment

Other than the above-mentioned facilities, if workspace provides sleeping pods and recreational rooms, it would be a bonus.

Fellow Coworkers

coworking spacesOne of the biggest benefits of having a membership in coworking space is the community where you can collaborate and network. You may find your potential clients in the same workspace. Doing research about the other companies you are going to share the space with, makes sense.

Most of the workspaces organize their community events. Working in a co-working space with the active community of coworkers always helps.

Safety and Security of your office / Desk

office security workifySafety and security are managed by the management of coworking space and you have nothing to do with it. People from different societies, backgrounds and cultures work in the same space. So, it is very important to be concerned about the safety and security of workspace while choosing a coworking space. To make sure that your office is physically secure from theft and all security precautions are well, check that workspace is equipped with security cameras, access control systems, visitor management, security guards etc. After physical security, also check that workspace is safe from cyber threats also. It should be providing unique user ID’s and passwords to every member by establishing a secure network to minimize threats.

Costs Involved

costs workifyBefore taking a final decision, look for any hidden/ additional charges. E.g., Some workspaces charge parking fee as parking amenity. Most of the workspaces provide limited hours for meeting rooms and then charge when you exceed your hours limit. So, you must be clear how much you will be paying to the workspace and what are the hidden costs. In the end, if you think that workspace is offering more perks than your requirements and charging more than your budget, then it does not make sense to opt for it.

Many co-working spaces offer free day trials, always go for it. This will help you in feeling the environment, facilities and services of the workspace. You will be able to better evaluate the workspace with the free day trial.


The environment of workspace impacts a lot on the morale and overall productivity of your team. Above mentioned factors are equally important while making a decision of choosing a coworking space. So, do quality research before finalizing the coworking space for your team.

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