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Four ways to avoid exploitation in freelancing

It is very difficult to identify the risks associated with freelancing in the freelancing world. Those who just started freelancing usually underestimate their skills and worth for the sake of growth and exposure. It is very easy to offer your expertise and skills by charging a lesser amount of your work just to prove your ability. It’s started when people transit from their college to the workplace and give favours to their friends and charge very less to them. While doing this, they have no idea how badly it’s going to impact on their career. 

We have mentioned four ways that will help you recognize the exploitation in freelancing.

1. Choose the Right Clients

client workifyThere are many websites publishing the work of new freelancers without giving them credit. It is very frustrating to see that others stole your work and thoughts you put in a certain project without getting acknowledged.

You have got be very careful while handing over your project those clients. Be very sure that your buyer will pay or at least give credit to your work. To flourish your career, don’t get desperate if you are not getting a number of clients. Be choosy while doing a business with clients.

2. Value Your Time

Value-Your-Time workifyWorking constantly to make your editor happy is not more valuable than your time. You must know that in your tight schedule, what you can or can’t do/edit or accomplish. In freelancing, there are various factors that may cause you to lose your precious time. Sometimes a client pays you almost nothing for long working hours but you still do that, just because you have no other options at that time. Freelancers face a substantial setback when they sacrifice their time just because they don’t have other clients or work.

Always work on the projects of your niche and give your time to those projects. But freelancers often start doing other things or projects to pay their bills and expenses. Those projects are not your preference and you are not expert in those fields. These projects don’t interest you and you end up just passing on those projects. This will never help you in moving forward in your career.

3. Ask Questions

ask questions workifyClients often request pieces of work from freelancers and they provide some guidelines for work. Those guidelines are not clear for freelancers sometimes but they become so excited to take that opportunity without asking any questions. When you provide your finished work to them, they reject it. All your efforts go to waste without obvious details.

If you are not understanding the exact requirements of your clients, ask questions until you understand their expectations. This will help you in future from getting nothing in the exchange of your efforts.


4. Reach a Written Agreement

reach a written agreement workifyA study conducted by PayPal in four southeast Asia markets revealed that almost 58% of freelancers have not received the money for their efforts. One of the biggest risks of freelancing is getting unpaid. Sometimes websites request freelancers to provide services. After receiving the content/ project, they reject it without any feedback, compensation and explanation of the rejection. It happens when you don’t sign the written contract with them so they get the right to deny your work.

Don’t accept work from clients as a freelancer without written agreement. Agreement in writing ensures the payment of work that you deserve.

You must protect yourself and your work by choosing the right clients, valuing your work and time, asking questions and getting it in writing. Your skills, work, time and efforts are your assets, you have to guard them.

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