Workify Welcomes You!

With a growing number of Pakistani professionals freelancing, launching their first startup, and working remotely from their laptops comes the need for a professional setting to work outside of the home. Workify is that solution!

We welcome locals and international travelers alike providing you with a home office or hotel room alternative to network, innovate, and create!

In The Heart Of Johar Town

Location is key when choosing your remote workspace which is why Workify is centrally located. We are within walking distance from the Emporium Mall. Drop-ins are welcome or you can choose a monthly package and make Workify your daily place of business.

Your Business Your Way

Workify provides coworking solutions for freelancers, remote employees, startups, and travelers. Our daily coworking drop-ins are perfect anytime Lahore locals want to work outside of the house or if you will only be in town for a few days. If you are in need of a more permanent solution we provide monthly packages with dedicated work spaces and short and long-term furnished office rentals. You can also reserve a meeting room for your upcoming presentation.


Workify is a modern and professional coworking space designed for comfort and productivity. All guests enjoy secure high-speed internet, access to our printer facility, individual storage lockers, private Skype Room, unlimited tea and coffee, lunch area, designated smoking area, and a prayer room.

Huddle Room

No coworking space is complete without a bit of privacy. Our Huddle Room is a small pod designed for private Skype meetings and one-on-one discussions.

Break For Lunch

While you can take your free and unlimited tea or coffee to your desk to work you don’t have to leave Workify to eat your lunch. Our lunch area seats up to 8 people allowing you a quick brain break while you nourish your mind and body. There’s even a refrigerator so you can bring your lunch from home.

Open 6 Days A Week

We are open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our guest reception is available to answer questions and welcome drop-in coworkers.

Why Cowork?

Workify provides you with the flexibility to do business your way. We are a professional environment to work outside of your house or your hotel while you are traveling. We are a cost-effective way to launch your Lahore startup without the overhead of traditional rent. We are where freelancers and small businesses go when they need to host a presentation or business meeting. We are the perfect place to network, innovate and create!

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